Cathartic Writings

Cathartic Writings

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Nighttime inspired

It's Saturday night and
I feel so lonely,
And I can't stop thinking
about you and me.

T's so hard to believe
we're so far apart.
T's So hard to stay by my own,
I can't help, you're all what I want.

I need you to breath,
I need you to smile,
I need us to carry on,
While time passes by.

I feel your heart’s beating,
I feel I can hear you,
I feel you’re so close to me,
You’re dwelling in my soul.

I want you to hold me,
I let my thoughts wander,
Through years and through distance
I’ll keep loving you.

It's Saturday night
and I can not sleep
nor do nothing else
than cherish our dream.


#Saturdaynight #lovepoem

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