Cathartic Writings

Cathartic Writings

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Moonlight in my heart

Always hanging in her place,
always reflecting something else,
proud of being a humble mirror for the king,
but who's more lonely than the moon?

What a stunning solitude
shows itself, in her hardly perceptible face.
Same as the desolation overcoming my soul,
while I'm thinking about you.

Overwhelmed by my own misery,
life has lost all sense to me.
You might see me sometimes shining,
But my light is not clearer than the darkness of the moon.

At those moments, when clouds or rain
are not covering my face,
You'll think I'm laughing,
but I still am all alone by my own.

I'm still shedding my bitterness in tears,
which are falling onto you in the night,
like a fresh dew of love,
a love that keeps unknown for you.

Althoug you see me sparkling in the heights,
hanging proud in the deep blue, night sky,
you'd never imagine the deepest hurt inside my heart,
longing for you, waiting for you to finally show up.


November 25, 2014

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